George James Cordner

M, #32, b. 23 October 1845, d. 20 June 1881
Father*William Cordner b. c 1806, d. 27 Mar 1891
Mother*Ann Jackson b. 6 Nov 1812, d. 1906
ChartsDescendant Chart of James Cordner(Box)
Descendant Chart of James Cordner (Indented)
BirthDe Qu 1845George James Cordner was born De Qu 1845 at Houghton le Spring, Co Durham, England.1 
Birth*23 October 1845He was born on 23 October 1845 at Shiney Row, Penshaw, Co Durham, England.2 
Baptism23 November 1845He was baptized on 23 November 1845 at Shiney Row, Penshaw, Co Durham, England.3 
(Witness) Census 185130 March 1851He appeared in the household of William Cordner in the 1851 census at Quarry Head, Penshaw, Co Durham, England. 177 Quarryhead
William Cordner Head M 45 Quarryman D'ham B.Wearmouth
Ann Wife M 39 D'ham Tanfield
Jane Dau U 17 Dressmaker Penshaw
Mary Dau U 13 Scholar at Home Penshaw
Isabella Dau U 7 Scholar at Home Penshaw
George James Son U 5 Scholar at Home Penshaw
William Son U 2 Penshaw
Hannah Dau U 2m Penshaw
Eliza Maugham StepD U 10 Scholar at Home Durham
James Jardine Lodger U 28 Sup of Draining Scotland
George Gracewood Lodger U 23 Colliery C I Middx London
James Steweart Lodger U 21 Colliery C I Ireland.4
1851 Penshaw HO 107 2393 1-201 Sched177 Quarryhead

William Cordner Head Mar 45yrs Quarryman B.Wearmouth
Ann Cordner Wife Mar 39yrs Tanfield
Jane Cordner Dau Unm 17yrs Dressmaker Penshaw
Mary Cordner Dau Unm 13yrs Scholar at home Penshaw
Isabella Cordner Dau Unm 7yrs Scholar at home Penshaw
George James Cordner Son Unm 5yrs Scholar at home Penshaw
William Cordner Son Unm 2yrs Penshaw
Hannah Cordner Dau 2mth Penshaw
Eliza Maughan Step-dau 10yrs Durham
James Jardine Lodger 28yrs Superintendent Scotland
of draining
George Gracewood Lodger 23yrs Colliery Clerk Middlesex
James Hewitt Lodger 21yrs Colliery Clerk Ireland

(Witness) Marriage29 August 1860George James Cordner witnessed the marriage of Mary Cordner and Robert Scott on 29 August 1860; 1860 No 281
1860 29th Aug
Robert Scott(27 yrs) to Mary Cordner(23 yrs)
Bachelor, Chemist Spinster, Druggist
Seaham Harbour Quarry Head, Penshaw
father - William Scott Joiner William Cordner - Agent
witnesses William Cordner, Jane Cordner, Ann Cordner, Geo Fenwick, Geo Cordner, Edward Nicholson, James Turnbull, E Cordner.5 
(Witness) Census 18617 April 1861George James Cordner appeared in the household of William Cordner in the 1861 census at Quarry Head Row, Shiney Row, Painshaw, Co. Durham, England.6
1861 Census Quarry Head, Shiney Row, Painshaw
DRO M9/16 RG9/3753 Folio 79 Page 11

William Cordner Head Marr 53 Free Stone Quarry Manager Hylton DUR
Ann Wife Marr 48 Stanley DUR
Jane Dau 27 Dressmaker Painshaw DUR
Eliza Dau 20 Milliner Durham
George J Son 15 Colliery Clerk Painshaw DUR
William Son 12 Colliery Clerk Painshaw DUR
John Son 6 Scholar Painshaw DUR
Isabella Dau 17 Pupil Teacher Painshaw DUR
Mary A Graham Niece 12 House Servant Hylton DUR
(Witness) Census 18712 April 1871George James Cordner appeared in the household of William Cordner in the 1871 census at Middle Hendon, Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland, Co Durham, England.7
1871 Census Bishopwearmouth Sunderland Middle Hendon
DRO M18/42 RG10/5009 page 23

William Cordner Head Marr 63 Coal Merchant Hylton DUR
employing 12 men + 1 boy
Ann Wife 59 Stanley DUR
George J Son 25 Coal Merchant Pensher DUR
John R Son 16 Engineman App Pensher DUR
Eliza Dau 29 Unmarried Pensher DUR
Mary Wilkinson 16 Servant Durham
Marriage*1874George James Cordner married (?) unknown in 1874 at Knaresboro (GRO 9a/167); Marriage was to either Elizabeth Ann Campbell or to Elizabeth Jones

ASpr-May-Jun Qu.8 
Death*20 June 1881George James Cordner died on 20 June 1881 at The Hawthorns, Ryhope Road, Sunderland, Co Durham, England, at age 35.9,10 
Probate*4 October 1883His estate was probated on 4 October 1883 at The Hawthorns, Ryhope Road, Sunderland, Co Durham, England.11 


(?) unknown


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    Registration district:      Knaresborough
    County:      Yorkshire
    Year of registration:      1874
    Quarter of registration:      Apr-May-Jun
    Spouse's last name:      Not available before 1912
    Volume no:      9A
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    MarriageFinder: George James Cordner married one of the following people:

    CAMPBELL, Elizabeth Ann

    JONES, Elizabeth

    HARGREAVES, William
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