William Hurd Veasey

M, #436, b. 1847
Father*John Vaisey b. 1820, d. 1886
Mother*Ruth Hurd b. 4 Apr 1827, d. 1899
ChartsDescendant Chart of Richard Vesey (Box)
Descendant Chart of Richard Vesey (Indented)
Birth*1847William Hurd Veasey was born in 1847 at Nunney. 
Baptism10 October 1847He was baptized on 10 October 1847 at Nunney, Somerset, England.1
Nunney Parish Baptisms

1847, October 10th William Hurd son of John & Ruth Veasy of Nunney Turner
(Witness) Census 18511851He appeared in the household of John Vaisey in the 1851 census at 11 Iron Yard, Nunney, Somerset, England.2
1851 Census HO 107/93


11 Iron Yard

John Veasey 31 Turner of Wood Nunney
Ruth 24 Nunney
Edward 5 Scholar Nunney
William Hurd 3 At Home Nunney
Mary Hurd 1 Nunney
(Witness) Census 18617 April 1861William Hurd Veasey appeared in the household of John Vaisey in the 1861 census at Iron Mills, Nunney, Somerset, England.3
1861 Census RG9/652


2 Iron Mills

John Vaisey 41 Wood Turner Nunney
Ruth 34 Nunney
Edwood 15 Wood Turner Nunney
William 13 Scholar Nunney
Mary 11 Scholar Nunney
Naomi 8 Scholar Nunney
Boaz 6 Scholar Nunney
Geaorge 4 Nunney
Frank 3 Nunney
Jesse 9mths Nunney
Marriage*circa 1865William Hurd Veasey married Rose ? circa 1865. 
(Witness) Baptism17 May 1866William Hurd Veasey witnessed the baptism of William Veasey on 17 May 1866 at Nunney, Somerset, England.1
Nunney Baptism Registers

1866, July 17 William son of William & Rose Veasey of Nunney Edge Tool Grinder
Occupation*17 July 1866William Hurd Veasey was Edge Tool Grinder on 17 July 1866.1 


Rose ?
Child 1.William Veasey b. 1866


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