Mary Hurd Veazey

F, #437, b. 1850
Father*John Vaisey b. 1820, d. 1886
Mother*Ruth Hurd b. 4 Apr 1827, d. 1899
ChartsDescendant Chart of Richard Vesey (Box)
Descendant Chart of Richard Vesey (Indented)
Birth*1850Mary Hurd Veazey was born in 1850 at Nunney. 
Baptism3 March 1850She was baptized on 3 March 1850 at Nunney, Somerset, England.1
Nunney Parish Baptisms

1850, March 3rd Mary hurd dau of John & Ruth Veazey of Nunney Turner
(Witness) Census 18511851She appeared in the household of John Vaisey in the 1851 census at 11 Iron Yard, Nunney, Somerset, England.2
1851 Census HO 107/93


11 Iron Yard

John Veasey 31 Turner of Wood Nunney
Ruth 24 Nunney
Edward 5 Scholar Nunney
William Hurd 3 At Home Nunney
Mary Hurd 1 Nunney
(Witness) Census 18617 April 1861Mary Hurd Veazey appeared in the household of John Vaisey in the 1861 census at Iron Mills, Nunney, Somerset, England.3
1861 Census RG9/652


2 Iron Mills

John Vaisey 41 Wood Turner Nunney
Ruth 34 Nunney
Edwood 15 Wood Turner Nunney
William 13 Scholar Nunney
Mary 11 Scholar Nunney
Naomi 8 Scholar Nunney
Boaz 6 Scholar Nunney
Geaorge 4 Nunney
Frank 3 Nunney
Jesse 9mths Nunney
Census 1871*2 April 1871Mary Hurd Veazeyappeared in the 1871 census at Nunney Court, Nunney, Somerset, England.4
1871 Census Nunney

Nunney Court 63

Mary H Veasey Un 20 D.Serv Nunney


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