George Blakey

M, #1313, b. 28 December 1883, d. 12 January 1964
Father*Thomas Cordner Blakey b. 1 Jan 1854
Mother*Elizabeth Foster1
ChartsDescendant Chart of James Cordner(Box)
Descendant Chart of James Cordner (Indented)
Name Variation George Blakey was also known as George Blakey.1 
Birth*28 December 1883He was born on 28 December 1883 at Whitburn, Westoe, Co Durham, England.2
Registration District Westoe
1884 Birth in the Sub-District of Westoe in the County of Durham

No 167 Twenty George Boy Thomas Elizabeth Quarryman E Blakey Second
Eighth Cordner Blakey mother January
December Blakey formerly Whitburn 1884
1883 Foster

I hereby certify the above to be a true copy of the entry No 167 in the Birth Register Book no 132
Death*12 January 1964He died on 12 January 1964 at Royal Newcastle Hospital, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, at age 80.3
No 675464
Death Registered in the district of Newcastle East and West and Kalibah at Newcastle

No in register 790

name: George Blakey
occupation: School Teacher
sex/age: Male, 80 yrs

Where and When died: 12th January , 1964
Royal Newcastle Hospital, Newcastle
Usual residence: 151 Kemp Street, Hamilton South

Where Born: Durham, England
Length of residence in Australia: 74 years in Australia

Name of Father: Thomas Cordner Blakey
Occupation: Miner
Name of Mother: Elizabeth Foster

If deceased was married
where: Adamstown, NSW
At what age: 28 years
To whom: olive Jewell
Conjugal condition at time of death: married
Issue in order of birth(living and deceased): Enid 50 years none deceased

Name etc Informant: Certified by O. Blakey widow 151 Kemp Street, Hamilton South

Cause of Death: (a) Heart failure
(b) Arteriosclerotic heart disease
(c) Cerebral arteriosclerosis
(a) 1 day (b) 4 months Certified by Alex. Sharah, registered

When and Where Buried or Cremated: 13th January 1964
cremated at Beresfield Crematorium
Undertaker or Superintendent by whom certified: John J Sleightholm, Superiontendent

Name and Religion of Minister: HJ Hartley, Methodist
Name of witnesses to Burial or Cremation: H Pearson


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         Name:       Mother's Maiden Surname:
         BLAKEY, GEORGE      FOSTER      
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