Margaret Cordner

F, #1315, d. 23 February 1878
Marriage*Margaret Cordner married James Cordner
Death*23 February 1878Margaret Cordner died on 23 February 1878 at 60 Commercial Road, Jarrow, Co Durham, England.1
Registration District South Shields
1878 Death in the Sub-district of South Shields in the county of Durham

No 102 Twenty Third Margaret female 71 Widow of Bronchitis John Gray Twenty
February 1878 Cordner years James Cordner Diarrhoea Nephew Sixth
60 Commercial a weaver Certified by Present at February
Road W Whammond MD the death 1878
Jarrow 10 Florence
Stockton on Tees


James Cordner d. b 23 Feb 1878


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