Emily Cordner1

F, #1383, b. 1880

1891 census - household transcription
Person: CORDNER, Emily
Address: Ryeford Hall, Noahs Ark, Stonehouse

KIMMINS, Elizabeth C     Head     Widow     F     68     1823     Proprietor Of Private School      Chatham
Kent     VIEW
KIMMINS, Frances E     Daughter     Single     F     43     1848     Proprietor Of Private School      Chatham
Kent     VIEW
KIMMINS, Elizabeth S     Daughter     Single     F     40     1851     Teacher At Ladies Seminary      Isleworth
Middlesex     VIEW
KIMMINS, Grace M     Daughter     Single     F     28     1863     Teacher At Ladies Seminary      Ebley
Gloucestershire     VIEW
KIMMINS, Winifred E G     Daughter     Single     F     22     1869     Teacher At Ladies Seminary      Stonehouse
Gloucestershire     VIEW
BRIGHTMAN, Clara     Governess     Single     F     23     1868     Teacher At Ladies Seminary      St Neots
Huntingdonshire     VIEW
ARCONET, Alexandria     Governess     Single     F     16     1875     Teacher Of Ladies Seminary      France Angonteme     VIEW
LANBINGA, Helen     Governess     Single     F     19     1872     Teacher Of Ladies Seminary      Hanover
Germany     VIEW
CURRY, Annie     Pupil     Single     F     19     1872     Scholar      Portland     VIEW
BULLIVANT, Helen E     Pupil     Single     F     20     1871     Scholar      Wolverhampton
Worcestershire     VIEW
MELLS, Helda     Pupil     Single     F     19     1872     Scholar      London
Middlesex     VIEW
READ, Alice     Pupil     Single     F     18     1873     Scholar      Honiton
Devonshire     VIEW
READ, Ellen R     Pupil     Single     F     16     1875     Scholar      Honiton
Devonshire     VIEW
CLARK, Elizabeth     Pupil     Single     F     14     1877     Scholar      London
Middlesex     VIEW
THOMAS, Margretta     Pupil     Single     F     16     1875     Scholar      Glamorganshire
Ysbalyford     VIEW
CONSTANT, Florence     Pupil     Single     F     16     1875     Scholar      Dublin
Ireland     VIEW
CORDNER, Maude     Pupil     Single     F     15     1876     Scholar      Barrow in Furness
Lancashire     VIEW
BARLING, Kate E     Pupil     Single     F     16     1875     Scholar      Ross
Herefordshire     VIEW
CLAYPOOLE, Kate     Pupil     Single     F     23     1868     Scholar      Nottingham
Nottinghamshire     VIEW
TAYLOR, Agnes B     Pupil     Single     F     15     1876     Scholar      Blackpool
Lancashire     VIEW
MASON, Florence     Pupil     Single     F     14     1877     Scholar      Windsor
Berkshire     VIEW
MACKENZIE, Alice     Pupil     Single     F     16     1875     Scholar      Bristol
Gloucestershire     VIEW
CARR, Amy     Pupil     Single     F     16     1875     Scholar      London
Middlesex     VIEW
CARR, Florence     Pupil     Single     F     15     1876     Scholar      London
Middlesex     VIEW
CARR, Rose     Pupil     Single     F     11     1880     Scholar      London
Middlesex     VIEW
THOMAS, Catherine     Pupil     Single     F     13     1878     Scholar      Ystalyfera
Glamorganshire     VIEW
NEWMAN, Elsie     Pupil     Single     F     12     1879     Scholar      Nailsworth
Glamorganshire     VIEW
CORDNER, Emily     Pupil     Single     F     10     1881     Scholar      Barrow in Furness
Lancashire     VIEW
LUCAS, Jessie     Pupil     Single     F     9     1882     Scholar      Barrow in Furness
Lancashire     VIEW
DE ?, Pilar     Pupil     Single     F     9     1882     Scholar      Spain     VIEW
GRIST, Janet     Boarder     Single     F     15     1876     Scholar      Woodchester
Gloucestershire     VIEW
SIPPETTS, Winfred     Boarder     Single     F     12     1879     Scholar      Plymouth
Devonshire     VIEW
HISCOCK, Alice     Boarder     Single     F     12     1879     Scholar      Cirencester
Gloucestershire     VIEW
SINGER, Mary     Boarder     Single     F     17     1874     Scholar      London
Middlesex     VIEW
SINGER, Eleanor     Boarder     Single     F     13     1878     Scholar      London
Middlesex     VIEW
UNDERWOOD, Emily     Servant     Single     F     22     1869     Cook Domestic Servant      Eastington
Gloucestershire     VIEW
MOSS, Ellen     Servant     Single     F     18     1873     Housemaid Domestic Servant      Cambourne
Gloucestershire     VIEW
PRESTON, Clara     Servant     Single     F     17     1874     Housemaid Domestic Servant      Fairford
Gloucestershire     VIEW

RG number:
RG12     Piece:
2021     Folio:
13     Page:
Registration District:
Stroud     Sub District:
Stonehouse     Enumeration District:
1      Ecclesiastical Parish:
Civil Parish:
Stonehouse     Municipal Borough:     Address:
Ryeford Hall, Noahs Ark, Stonehouse     County:

Father*William James Cordner2 b. 1852, d. 1900
Mother*Margaret Alma Elliott2 b. c 1855, d. 15 Apr 1901
ChartsDescendant Chart of James Cordner(Box)
Descendant Chart of James Cordner (Indented)
Birth*1880Emily Cordner was born in 1880 at Barrow in Furness, Lancashire, England.2 
(Witness) Census 18813 April 1881She appeared in the household of William James Cordner in the 1881 census at Devonshire Buildings, Barrow in Furness, Lancashire, England.1 
Occupation*5 April 1891Emily Cordner was Scholar on 5 April 1891.3 
Census 1891*5 April 1891Sheappeared in the 1891 census at Ryeford Hall Seminary, Ryeford, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England.4
(Witness) Census 190131 March 1901She appeared in the household of Margaret Alma Elliott in the 1901 census at 40 Hilldrop Road, Islington, London, Middlesex, England.5 


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    Reg. District: Barrow in Furness Sub District: Barrow in Furness Parish: Barrow in Furness
    Enum. District:
    Ecclesiastical District:
    City/Municipal Borough:

    Address: 9, Devonshire Bdgs, Barrow In Furness County: Lancashire

    Name Relation Condition Sex Age Birth Year Occupation , Disability Where Born
    CORDNER, William J Head Married M 29 1852 Accountant To A Shipbuilding Co Stanhope, Durham
    CORDNER, Margaret A Wife Married F 26 1855 Accountants Wife Gateshead, Durham
    CORDNER, Maude A Daughter Single F 5 1876 Accountants Daur Barrow in Furness, Lancashire
    CORDNER, Russell Son Single M 3 1878 Accountants Son Barrow in Furness, Lancashire
    CORDNER, Emily Daughter Single F 0 1881 Accountants Daur Barrow in Furness, Lancashire
    MC CAFFERY, Anne Servant Single F 23 1858 Genl Serv Fermanagh, Ireland


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    1901 census transcription details for: 40, Hilldrop Road, Islington
    National Archive Reference:RG number:RG13 Piece:162 Folio:156 Page:38
    Reg. District: Islington Sub District:Upper Holloway
    Enum. District:28
    Ecclesiastical District:St Lukes
    City/Municipal Borough:

    Address: 40, Hilldrop Road, Islington County:London

    Name Relation Condition Sex Age Birth Year Occupation , Disability Where Born
    CORDNER, Margaret A Head Widow F 45 1856 Living On Own Means Gateshead, Durham
    CORDNER, Russell Son Single M 23 1878 Secretary To Public Company
    Barrow, Lancashire
    CORDNER, Emily Daughter Single F 20 1881 Commercial Clerk Barrow, Lancashire
    CORDNER, Howard Wilton Son Single M 17 1884 Holloway, London
    CORDNER, Claude Stanley Son Single M 14 1887 Holloway, London
    PILGRIM, Charlotte M Nurse Single F 31 1870 Sick Nurse Chetenham, Gloucestershire
    BRAY, Nellie Servant Single F 19 1882 Cook Domestic Whitchurch, Hampshire
    GAZELY, Gertrude J Servant Single F 14 1887 Housemaid Domestic Holloway, London


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