Gawin Cowans

M, #1509, b. 1680
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Pedigree Chart of Lucy Murton (Indented)
Birth*1680Gawin Cowans was born in 1680. 
Marriage*1700He married Jane Cowen in 1700 at St Mary's Church, Morpeth, Northumberland, England. 


Jane Cowen
Children 1.William Cowans b. 1701
 2.Francis Cowans+ b. 1703, d. 1773
 3.John Cowans b. 1705
 4.Thomas Cowans b. 1707
 5.Robert Cowans b. 1710
 6.Andrew Cowans b. 1713
 7.Jane Cowans b. 1715
 8.Gawin Cowans b. 1720
 9.Ralph Cowans b. 1723