Frederick Fenwick

M, #1575, b. 1865
Father*Joseph Fenwick b. c 1846
Mother*Margaret Cordner b. 1845
ChartsDescendant Chart of James Cordner(Box)
Descendant Chart of James Cordner (Indented)
Birth*1865Frederick Fenwick was born in 1865 at Stanhope, Durham; Oct-Nov-Dec Qu.1,2,3 
Baptism31 December 1865He was baptized on 31 December 1865 at Stanhope, Co Durham, England.4 
(Witness) Census 18712 April 1871He appeared in the household of Richard Cordner in the 1871 census at 71 Croft Ter, Hedworth & Monkcton, Jarrow, Co Durham, England. Margaret Telford appears to have been listed as Maria Telford. There is no evidence that there was such a person and it is almost certainly Margaret Telford who is being referred to here.5 
(Witness) Census 18915 April 1891Frederick Fenwick appeared in the household of Frederick Cordner in the 1891 census at 62 Cochrane Street, Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England.6 


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    First name(s)     FREDERICK
    Last name     FENWICK
    Birth year     1865
    Birth quarter     4
    Registration month     -
    Mother's maiden name     -
    District     Weardale
    County     Durham
    Country     England
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    First name(s)     Frederick
    Last name     Fenwick
    Birth year     1865
    Birth date     ? ? 1865
    Baptism year     1865
    Baptism date     31 Dec 1865
    Parish     Stanhope
    Father's first name(s)     Joseph
    Father's last name     -
    Mother's first name(s)     Margaret
    Mother's last name     Fenwick
    County     Durham
    Country     England
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    Record Transcription:
    1871 England, Wales & Scotland Census

    Croft Terrace, Hedworth Monkton & Jarrow, South Shields, Durham, England

    Richard Cordner's Household Members
    Members that resided in the household at the time of the census.
    Firstname Lastname     Relation Marital Sex      Age     Birthyr      Occupation     Birth place
    Richard      Cordner     Head      -      Male      57     1814      Contractor Durham, Hylton
    Margaret Cordner     Wife      -      Female 52     1819      -      Durham, Pensher
    Margaret Fenwick     Daur      -      Female 25     1846      -      Durham, Stanhope
    John      Cordner     Son      -      Male      21     1850      Pattern Maker Durham, Stanhope
    William J Cordner     Son      -      Male      19     1852      Clerk      Durham, Stanhope
    Charlotte A Cordner     Daur      -      Female 17     1854      -      Durham, Stanhope
    Sarah      Cordner     Daur      -      Female 15     1856      -      Durham, Stanhope
    Richard R Cordner     Son      -      Male      14     1857      Richrad R Durham, Stanhope
    Charles      Cordner     Son      -      Male      12     1859      -      Durham, Stanhope
    Frederick Cordner     Son      -      Male      9     1862      -      Durham, Stanhop
    Maria      Telford     Gr-daur      -      Female 7     1864      -      Durham, Stanhope
    Laura      Telford     Gr-daur      -      Female 6     1865      -      Durham, Stanhope
    Frederick Fenwick     Gr-son      -      Male      5     1866      -      Durham, Stanhope
    Charles F W Telford     Gr-son      -      Male      3     1868      -      Durham, Witton le Wear

    Registration district     South Shields
    Vessel name     -
    Archive reference RG10 Piece number 5043 Folio 65 Page     31
    Record set     1871 England, Wales & Scotland Census
    Category     Census, land & surveys
    Subcategory     Census
    Collections from     Great Britain, England

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  6. [S216] 1891 Census Benwell, 1891 England, Wales & Scotland Census Transcription
    Cochrane Street, Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England

    Archive reference      RG12 Piece number 4201 Folio 122 Page 14.

    1891 England, Wales & Scotland Census Transcription
    Cochrane Street, Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England

    Household Members
    First name(s)      Last name      Relationship      Marital status      Gender      Age      Birth year       Occupation      Birth place      
    Frederick       Cordner       Head       Married       Male      29      1862       Cartman      Stanhope, Durham, England      
    Jane       Cordner       Wife       Married       Female      30      1861       -       Ryhope, Durham, England      
    Richard       Cordner       Son       -       Male       9      1882       Scholar       Benwell, Northumberland, England      
    Percy       Cordner       Son       -       Male       7      1884       Scholar       Benwell, Northumberland, England      
    Winnifred      Cordner       Daughter       -       Female       5      1886       -       Newcastle, Northumberland, England      
    Margaret       Cordner       Daughter -       Female       2      1889       -       Benwell, Northumberland, England      
    Frederick       Fenwick       Lodger       Single       Male      26      1865      General Labourer       Stanhope, Durham, England      

    Census details
    First name(s)      Frederick
    Last name      Cordner
    Relationship      Head
    Marital status      Married
    Gender      Male
    Age      29
    Birth year      1862
    Occupation      Cartman
    Birth town      Stanhope
    Birth town as transcribed      STANHOPE
    Birth county      Durham
    Birth county as transcribed      COUNTY DURHAM
    Birth place      England
    Street      Cochrane Street
    Town      Newcastle on Tyne
    Parish      Benwell
    City      Newcastle on Tyne
    County      Northumberland
    Registration district      Newcastle upon Tyne
    Archive reference      RG12
    Piece number      4201
    Folio      122
    Page      14
    Record set      1891 England, Wales & Scotland Census
    Category      Census, land & surveys
    Subcategory      Census
    Collections from      Great Britain

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