Editha P Tuson1

F, #2580, b. 1849
Father*Edward B Tuson1 b. 1819
Mother*Francis A Unknown1 b. 1824
Married NameHer married name was Cordner.1 
Marriage*Editha P Tuson married James E Cordner.1 
Birth*1849Editha P Tuson was born in 1849 at At Sea.1 
(Witness) Census 18915 April 1891She appeared in the household of James E Cordner in the 1891 census at Torbay Mount, Castle Sands, Cockington, Newton Abbot, Torquay.2
(Witness) Census 19111911Editha P Tuson appeared on the census of 1911 in the household of Fannie C Tuson at 5 Hanover Terrace, Regents Park, London, England.3


James E Cordner b. 1830
Children 1.Editha P Cordner1 b. 1878
 2.Violet St Maur Cordner1 b. 1879
 3.Vera B Cordner1 b. 1887


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    1891 Census for Cockington, Newton Abbot, Torquay, Devon, England
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    Page 6 Entry 31
    Torbay Mount, Castle Sands

    James E Cordner Head M 61M Lient General Royal Artillery Army b Ireland
    Editha P Cordner Wife M 42F b At Sea F?
    Editha P Cordner Daur S 13F b India (BS)
    Violet St Maur Cordner Daur S 12F b India (BS)
    Vera B Cordner           Daur S 4F b Isle of Wight Ryde
    Edward B Tuson Father in Law M 72M Surgeon General Army M Dept Retired b Somerset Ilchester
    Francis A Tuson Mother in Law M 67F b Devon Morston
    Fanny C Hill Sister in Law M 35F Living on her own means b Sussex Chichester
    Arthur H Hill Nephew S 13M Scholar b India (BS)
    Susan A Mackie Visitor M 61F Living on her own means b Devon Morston
    Sara Bastard Serv S 28F Parlour Maid Domestic b Devon Burlester?
    Laura Parsons Serv S 25F Cook Domestic b Devon Torquay
    Jane Moyse Serv S 26F House Maid Domestic b Cornwall Treborkannon
    Alice Easterbrook Serv S 20F Nurse Maid Domestic b Devon Cheriton
    Florence Zaple Serv S 18F Maid Domestic b Devon Torquay
    Ellen Mynhert Serv S 19F Maid Domestic b Essex Harwich
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    5 Hanover Terrace, Regents Park, London.