Dorothy Stewart Pinkney

F, #3178, b. 1905
Father*Robert Thompson Pinkney b. 1879, d. 1910
Mother*Elizabeth Stewart b. 1884
ChartsDescendant Chart of James Cordner(Box)
Descendant Chart of James Cordner (Indented)
Birth*1905Dorothy Stewart Pinkney was born in 1905 at Lanchester, Co Durham, England; Apr, May, Jun Qu.1 
Baptism30 May 1905She was baptized on 30 May 1905 at Esh, Co Durham, England.2 
(Member of Household) Census 19112 April 1911She appeared on the census of 2 April 1911 in the household of Elizabeth Stewart at 1 Burnell Road, Esh Winning, Co Durham, England; Duncan Stewart also appears in the Census return for Robert Stewart.3 


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    England & Wales Births 1837-2006."
    Record Transcription:
    England & Wales Births 1837-2006

    First name(s)     DOROTHY STEWART
    Last name     PINKNEY
    Birth year     1905
    Birth quarter     2
    Registration month     -
    Mother's maiden name     Stewart
    District     Lanchester
    County     Durham
    Country     England
    Volume     10A
    Page     402
    Record set     England & Wales Births 1837-2006
    Category     Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
    Subcategory     Civil Births
    Collections from     Great Britain, England
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    First name(s)     Dorothy Stewart
    Last name     Pinkney
    Gender     Female
    Birth year     -
    Birth place     -
    Baptism year     1905
    Baptism date     30 May 1905
    Residence     Durham, England
    Place     Esh
    County     Durham
    Country     England
    Father's first name(s)     Robert
    Father's last name     Pinkney
    Mother's first name(s)     Elizabeth
    Mother's last name     Pinkney
    Record set     England Births & Baptisms 1538-1975
    Category     Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
    Subcategory     Parish Baptisms
    Collections from     England, Great Britain

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    1 Burnell Road Esh Winning Durham, Esh, Durham, England."
    Record Transcription:
    1911 Census For England & Wales
    1 Burnell Road Esh Winning Durham, Esh, Durham, England

    Firstname     Lastname Relation Marital Sex      Age Birthyr Occupation     Birthplace
    Elizabeth     Pinkney      Head      Widow Female 27 1884     None      Chester Moor
    Richard Henry     Pinkney      Son      -      Male 9 1902     School      Esh Winning
    Robert Duncan     Pinkney      Son      -      Male 7 1904     School      Esh Winning
    Dorothy Stewart     Pinkney      Daur -      Female 5 1906     School      Esh Winning
    Mary Lizzie     Pinkney      Daur      -      Female 3 1908      -      Esh Winning
    Ralph      Pinkney      Son      -      Male 2 1909      -      Esh Winning
    Duncan      Stewart     Boarder      Married Male 61 1850     Retired Miner     South Moor
    Elizabeth     Stewart     Boarder      Married Female 56 1855      -      Hylton

    Archive reference     RG14
    Registration district     Lanchester
    Registration district number     550
    Enumeration district     24
    District number     24
    Sub district     Lanchester
    Sub district number     3
    Census reference     RG14PN29923 RD550 SD3 ED24 SN127
    RG78 code number     1731
    Piece number     29923
    Folio     -
    Page     -

    Record set     1911 Census For England & Wales
    Category     Census, land & surveys
    Subcategory     Census
    Collections from     Great Britain, England

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